It’s pumpkin beer season and we’ve got a Long Island list of must-tries


Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. (Greenport and Peconic) – Leaf Pile

Brewmaster Patrick Alfred does not hesitate to call Leaf Pile Greenport Harbor’s most popular seasonal by far.

While some breweries on this list brew one or two batches of pumpkin beer, Alfred said Greenport Harbor is constantly brewing its Leaf Pile to keep up with its “cult-like following,” which he said means customers can always count on a fresh-tasting brew whether they get it on tap or in a can at their local grocery store.

Although it has already been on the market for a month, Leaf Pile’s pumpkin presence will likely trickle into January, according to its brewer.

Alfred believes the beer is so popular because it is an amber ale at its core, one that is not shrouded by its autumnal spices.

“At the end of the day the beer’s got the traditional spices of pumpkin beer, but still remains drinkable as a really good medium to darker fall beer.”

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