It’s pumpkin beer season and we’ve got a Long Island list of must-tries


Great South Bay Brewery (Bay Shore) – Splashing Pumpkin

More centrally located Long Islanders craving a fall brew can order a pint of Splashing Pumpkin at the Great South Bay Brewery.

The 10-year-old 5% ABV brew is not only revered by the brewery’s patrons, but by beer judges as well.

In 2013, Splashing Pumpkin won the bronze medal in the “field beer or pumpkin beer” category at the Great American Beer Festival. It was the only New York-based brewery to place in the category.

The brewery carries it’s pumpkin beer from late summer to mid-fall, with kegs typically tapping out just after Thanksgiving.

“Great South Bay Brewery’s Splashing Pumpkin is a lighter, more subtle pumpkin beer with a low ABV to provide an easy, drinkable and approachable pint for our patrons,” Great South Bay marketing manager Clair Allen said in a statement about it. “You’ll fall in love at first sip and be asking for the cinnamon rim all day long!”

Montauk Brewing Company (Montauk) – Pumpkin Ale

With a slightly higher ABV than many of the other entries on this list, the 5.7% ABV pumpkin ale from Montauk is a recognizable orange and white can across the island.

Brewer Stevie Czelatka said the ale is packed with cinnamon, coriander, ginger root and other spices, and has become one of the brewery’s more popular seasonal beers.

Czelatka said he started brewing Montauk’s Pumpkin Ale in late summer and believes it will last through October.

However, he said “if it sells well, the season will be short.”

“In the tasting room it’s been picking up as the nights have been cooler,” he added.

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