It’s pumpkin beer season and we’ve got a Long Island list of must-tries


Andrew Theodorakis and Jessica Durso photos

The beer has begun to run orange — and with a sugar rim, of course.

To help navigate this season of craft pumpkins, Greater Long Island put together a guide to local breweries for some of Long Islanders’ favorites, as indicated to us through a social media request.

Included are breweries that have grown to household names in their second decade, and some that are still fledgling. From Montauk to Oyster Bay, here are 10 must-try pumpkin beers right here on the island.

Long Ireland Beer Company (Riverhead) – Pumpkin Ale

Brewed for the better part of a decade, Long Ireland ships its popular Pumpkin Ale across not just the island, but the entire state, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

One thing that sets Long Ireland’s Pumpkin Ale apart from all the others on this list is its availability in slushy form.

Sheila Malone of Long Ireland, a manager, noted she makes slushies from much of the brewery’s output — including a pumpkin beer slushy with a sugar and cinnamon rim “and people lose their minds over it.”

“Every year people are begging for it more and more early,” she said of the beer. “It’s August and it’s already out, we already made several batches of it, we’ll make several batches more before we stop serving it.

“It’s definitely one of our biggest seasonals and people go absolutely crazy for it.”

This year, the malty, caramel and pumpkin spiced 5% ABV brew was released in August, and Malone said it will run through November

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