It’s pumpkin beer season and we’ve got a Long Island list of must-tries


Sand City Brewing Co. (Northport)

– Graveyard Smash and Crypt Kicker 5

That’s right, Sand City has two different pumpkin beers.

The first, Graveyard Smash, a 7.2% ABV brew that boasts real pumpkin and spices, is already brewed, canned and waiting to be sipped.

Owner Kevin Sihler said its supply should last through Thanksgiving.

“We always start with Graveyard Smash,” Sihler said. “And then we’ll do smaller batches of Crypt Kicker 5.”

Crypt Kicker 5, a 9% ABV imperial pumpkin ale that should be ready to drink by October 1st, is “a little bit heavier, a little bit darker, a little bit sweeter, ramped up with a little more spice of pumpkin,” according to Sihler.

“GS, it’s a little bit more approachable, he said. “It’s lighter in alcohol so it’s a little more drinkable, a little more smooth. The Crypt Kicker 5 has a little bit of lactose in it. So it’s definitely more like a pumpkin pie. It’s got a real nice sweet and full body to it, whereas the graveyard Smash is just a really nice drinking ale with a lot of pumpkin flavor and spice.”

Long Island Farm Brewery (Manorville) – Pickin’ Pumpkins

The Long Island Farm Brewery at Waterdrinker Family Farm opened the doors to its tasting room Memorial Day weekend 2021.

For its first fall, the brewery unveiled its Pickin’ Pumpkins a 5.5% ABV pumpkin ale with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar and pressed ginger.

“Each batch of pumpkin actually has 150 pounds of pumpkin in it,” Nick Giuffre, one of the brewery’s managers, said. “Typically, most pumpkin ales don’t have pumpkin in it, so that’s something I believe would set us apart.”

Giuffre said the brewery plans to carry Pickin’ Pumpkins through October, as long as it can get enough ingredients together in time.

“It is one of our top sellers at the moment.”

Oyster Bay Brewing Company – Pumpkin Ale

The most westward entry on the list, Oyster Bay has been brewing for nearly a decade.

Its pumpkin ale is a malt-forward experience with a 5.5% ABV that will stick around through November.

“It’s a rich amber ale brewed with pumpkin and a blend of classic fall spices,” brewery owner Ryan Schlopter said in a text message response. “Easy to drink with a smooth finish. The perfect beer for all of your fall activities.”

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