It’s pumpkin beer season and we’ve got a Long Island list of must-tries


Peconic County (Riverhead) – Camp Hero Haunted Pumpkin Ale

One of two breweries on this list that opened in 2021, Peconic County Brewing is hitting the ground running with its Camp Hero Haunted Pumpkin Ale.

“We try to give our beers some sort of east end theme,” owner Jeff Schaeffer said. “Cape Hero inspired ‘Stranger Things.’ It’s one of the most haunted spots on Long Island so how could it not be our haunted pumpkin ale?”

Tasked with creating a fall offering, Schaeffer aimed for a balanced pumpkin beer.

“It was really important to us to make a pumpkin beer that wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too spicy,” he said. “I wanted to make sure you were able to get the elements of pumpkin without being blown away with sweetness or get that clovey taste that some of the beers have. I think we nailed it right in that middle zone. It’s just an easy-drinking beer for everybody.”

The new brewery owner said he has been surprised by the popularity of the beer and hopes to brew more to last through November.

“We’re brewing an extra batch cause we’re going through it much faster than we already anticipated.”

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