RBK Pediatrics, in Commack since 1958, moving to new, state-of-the-art spot


RBK Pediatrics, which has served local children and families in Commack for generations, is getting set to move from its long-held location on Commack Road for a new, state-of-the art spot just a half-mile north in a Medical Mall-like complex.

Founded in 1958, RBK Pediatrics has been operating at 646 Commack Road since 1971. The doctors, nurses and staffers are now moving to 500 Commack Road, and expect to be fully operational in early August.

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“It’s going to be a state-of-the-art, brand-new, everything computerized, no-paper office. Lot’s of everything that’s good,” said Dr. George Rogu, who joined the practice in 1996 after completing his residency at Montefiore Medical Center.

He joined RBK Pediatrics the same year its founder, Dr. Irwin Reichman, retired.

Dr. Reichman started the practice out of his Commack home and it had been known as Reichman, Brown and Kaplan M.D. in the community for decades. RBK Pediatrics grew and evolved from there.

But the older and larger the practice became, the more difficult it was to manage.

“I always called the office the RBK Titanic,” said Dr. Rogu. “Things can get difficult to maneuver as time goes on, and to change. And as the culture of physicians changed, especially with technology, it was time to develop a new culture for the RBK Enterprise.”

The wheels started in motion a few years ago, now all the staffers’ ideas and efforts are coming to fruition.

One thing, however, that has never changed at RBK Pediatrics is absolute attention to patient care, especially in terms of children and adolescents being cared for by physicians.

“Our tagline mission is, “Primary care when you want it, urgent care when you need it, services provided by physicians”, Dr. Rogu states.

“So basically, the secret formula is access to care in nice surroundings, and providing quality service by doctors.”

The group also developed two other offices and a Pediatric Urgent Care center in Bay Shore and will be transforming the new Commack location into Immediate Care services too.

At any given time, there are about three to four doctors on hand in Commack, with another four in Bay Shore.

Developing the new Commack location was a team effort, Dr. Rogu was sure to emphasize.

“This is not a hierarchy medical practice ,” Dr. Rogu told us. “We manage by participation.

“Everyone’s voice is heard, and this office is the brainchild of the entire RBK staff, we all built it.

Photo: Doctors Neil Bellovin, Nick Rogu and George Rogu outside the new RBK Pediatrics in Commack.